Why a coffee shop? Why not simply go home to the states, after all you could raise in one week what would take three months in Guatemala. Let’s get this elephant out of the room first before we talk about design, demographics that would make this a success, staff, business plan, and finally administration. After talking at length of a donation based ministry verses a sustainable ministry it is important to understand that this is about long-term sustainability and living as an example. I was reminded one day about who was watching me when I visited Antigua when Guatemala still had a mail system. I parked my car on the crowded side street, and when I returned, under my windshield wiper was a letter from my parents delivered from the postal service. Eyes are on us as missionaries, yes it would be easier, but what follows is imitation, and that has led to years of people leaving their family to turn a fast dollar. The disaster of this method has destroyed ministry, missionaries’ families, nationals’ families, and instilled a money first character. Yes, this is a fundraiser for a coffee shop, and will transition into a Christian restaurant, but the first goal of this fundraiser is to create a stable permanent sustainable school and ministry. Our successfully run event center, Loma Linda has over 5,000 patrons per year on its beautiful grounds. Our current banqueting service time is for four hours, but our guests are on the premises for up to eighteen hours. This leaves fourteen hours that we will be able to offer them a full coffee shop of food, snacks, and beverages. Our coffee shop will also become part of the many packages that we offer our patrons who book wedding with us.

     After a short time, our earnings will allow us to purchase restaurant equipment to open the first of its kind, Christian restaurant here in Guatemala. The house and gardens are uniquely located between 3 major towns for great visibility for potential clients. The demographics around us has over 30 Church’s with services 5 times a week. The after-church crowd is a great potential for businesses and ministry. Our unique position of catering, years of experience in venue setup, live Christian music acquaintances, decorations, a school that could easily into a chef school, no debt, a pastoral and missionary family of over 65 combined years in this community. Make our potential for success unique. Success in business is never a guarantee, once you strip away the emotion, bling and glamor what it boils down to is administration, and staying within percentages. A national study showed great success for Christian restaurants, but what always closed the door was never lack of patrons, but runaway payroll expenses, not controlling food costs or morality issues.

     We pray you will join us in this journey, we especially ask for your prayers, close friendships, even more than money itself. I look forward to keeping you up to date with emails, through social media, personal calls, and visits. Many of you have years of experience in restaurant business. Please feel free to comment, I will never take offence at your well-intended critique. Thank you for your partnership with us over the years and we hope to let everyone know of our grand opening soon.

The Hutton’s