This page will soon be filled with inventions that I hope to get around to some day. Many of my inventions are evolutionary items that have already or will come out in the near future. This means that companies have already patented and are developing the item and I was 1-5 years late on the idea. Other ideas for some reason have not hit the market, like my water pump below, beltless conveyor, So until the ideas are released by a patent I can not show much of the actual mechanical structure. Hope you enjoy and if you have a question please ask. I am currently in the process of purchasing a 3d printer.  

Click on the photo to see how we are using a completely new applied process of watering a garden with trees, bushes and vines.
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  • One pump can work with any size motor. One lever trims the pump to work at max % efficiency no matter the motor. The first range is .5 to 2hp. The next range is 2 to 5hp.
  • One prototype can go 0 - 100% power in any direction. In other words change from forward to reverse without putting the engine in neutral or lowering the throttle. This would normally be called C.P.P. except it does not have a propeller.
  • It can handle sand, gravel up to different sizes, run dry (indefinitely), handle fluids of different viscosity, hot or cold fluids, caustic or combustible.
  • No sharp moving parts.
  • Does not need a mechanical seal.
  • The 2 pictures below do not have any moving parts inside them.
  • I have not been able to cavitate water with this pump.
  • It is scalable. In other words the same theory allows it to work in aquariums or fire and rescue pumper/tankers.
  • Most importantly is the efficiency of this pump 85 to 97%
  • It can be made into a true axial flow pump. Water enters in one side and ejected out the other at a true 180 deg. making it a good booster pump.
  • At this point it does not have a patent. Sorry, but I can not post more at this point.
     The pump has gone through many transitions and is incredibly scalable and flexible. This is one of the problems, knowing where to start. I have decided to design this as a booster pump, meaning, long runs of hose or pipe affect water pressure. Normally this is not an issue in domestic situations, but with fire and rescue, and large commercial water treatment, water transport, irrigation, pumping operations, or petroleum it can mean thousands of dollars lost in efficiency. 

     The pump here was my first try at a quality build. Although it looks sturdy, I had to make it again, and again, and again. The mechanical seal was way to restrictive, the inside construction was too heavy, but it still produced a surprising 65 gpm powered by a hand drill. I have since gone with replacing the drill with a variable frequency drive motor which was more efficient. Changed the axial flow to planetary gear driven, this achieves better flow, allowing 180 flow of water, internally 3d produced parts aids in precision and weight control. The end result is amazing. Lighter weight, fraction of the cost, more efficient......than centrifugal pumps, the added feature of variable flow, and variable direction flow without changing motor speed. Will post updates after the purchase of our 3d printer.
After purchasing an Addi King Express with a hand crank…..well, it didn't take long to adapt it to something faster.

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