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School History

      In 1986, the School was started within a Children's Home called His House by a couple named Wally and Mary Sharp. They founded other projects here in Guatemala and always had a heart for raising children with Christian character.          
      The school started with around 14 children of various ages with one teacher in a living room. 
     In 1997 Jon Hutton ( and his wife who passed away in 2005) moved to Guatemala for the first time to continue to work for the Children's Home. At this time the Home closed, Wally and Mary moved back to Oregon with their family, but the decision was made to keep the school open. 

     Jon Hutton took over the school of 14 children and became the director and founder of what is here today. Camino al Cielo is now an independent and formal private Christian school in under the ministry of education as of 2005. Camino al Cielo has 263 students and continues to grow in size. 

     Camino al Cielo is a Christian School located in San Lucas, has moved to many locations, and now permanently on their own school grounds. Our school year begins in January and ends in October.