Our banquet is open for four hours; however, the grounds are open for eighteen hours. This will allow us to serve over five thousand people per year who come to our events. Other clients will come from around our event center that is centrally located close to San Lucas, Santiago, Mixco, Pachale, Manzanillo and Xicholis with a population total of over 750,000 people.

     We are just off the main highway on an accessible cemented road that is the main road for traveling to the interior of Guatemala. We are just up the road from Antigua the tourist capitol of central America. The overall population of Guatemala is 16.91 million with a Christian population of 14.71 million. The area has over 75 churches varying in congregation size with culturally accepted five services per week. Each one looking for a place to enjoy a fine meal after their services. Even though we will advertise as a Christian restaurant, our doors will be open to all.

     Our target group for events and patrons to our coffee shop will be the departments that are closest to ours. The population of these departments total 6.03 million. There are approximately 25,000 restaurants in Guatemala none are providing a Christian or Christian friendly atmosphere. A complete document is below in pdf.