Escuela Cristiana Camino al Cielo

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     His House is more than just a school that teaches subjects. Our aim is to use subjects to introduce the Gospel.  We are constantly on guard to create people dependent on the Lord rather than us. 

     Areas of ministry within our school include, Event center that allows us to work at a 0% administrative overhead that allows low tuition payments for our children, Bread distribution of 5,000 to 8,000 hamburger buns per week to many ministries, schools, and recently victims of the Fuego volcano disaster, Our new agriculture startup, Furniture making that teaches how to support your family as a fine woodworker, A sponsorship program where children and their families are given, prayer, and financial help. 

     These are all tools to introduce families to the Lord and show them their identity in the Lord as they learn who they were meant to be. 

     We have seen and heard of many praise reports of whole families coming to know the Lord through the children at His House. 

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Mission Statement

     Our mission is to present Christ to children of extreme need and poverty of all ages, and to express the changes Christ desires to make as he brings restoration to their families where they live.

Vision Statement

     Changing a community one child at a time through Christian Education. 

     At Camino al Cielo, we are a school that aims to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support through a Christian Education to families in Guatemala. Our basic fundamental vision is to
give a well-rounded Christian Education to those who cannot afford it to build strength in character through discipline and love. 
     Our mission is about doing for children and their families what they could never do for themselves by presenting Christ through a Christian Education. We aim to create people dependent on the Lord rather than us. His House Ministries is about seeing lives changed fundamentally, physically, and spiritually.